Devante Parker has quietly been one of the most reliable receivers in fantasy football, but that streak came to an end in Week 14. The former first round pick suffered a concussion, forcing Isaiah Ford to take over as the top option in the passing game. Ford answered the call, recording six receptions for 92 yards on nine targets.

I suspect his usage as a receiver last year was just because Ivory can catch for shit. No need to throw it to Powell that much when you now have arguably the best pass catching back in the NFL as your starter. I like him more as a quality handcuff cheap jerseys ireland (if you can stomach the price).Bottom line is I think Forte is WAY underrated this year especially now that Fitz is back under center.

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It could be any number of things. Obviously there are facets that can be improved, but during my drive home at the end of my workday, I find myself thinking about strategies and plans for my franchise. Even though it has its flaws, I still excited to hear the beep of my PlayStation as I turn it on.