Fuck the refs for taking what was rightfully ours away. Fuck Robert Horry for making that 3 ball. Fuck the Bobcats, too their expansion draft took Gerald Wallace from Sac, who was being groomed to replace Webber and his glass ankles (at least Webber won a trophy for his hometown Detroit).

It just hard to imagine this team doing what it needs to in order to be truly special, AKA the Super Bowl. You can play like you have the 2013 squad when you don and will never have that again. I don care about wild cards or divisional rounds. Hang out with people who never even knew or met them and don’t even talk about your ex, or make it as little as possible as a topic. Even if you aren’t feeling confident or good, push yourself to do things, immerse yourself in things you loved, things they didn’t share with you. Especially if it’s something they turned their nose up at.

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