Repeatedly messaging the moderators on a constant basis and/or with intentional hostility is a violation of rule 4. We are limited in the tools and resources we have available to us. Be civil, don spam, and try to follow the rules.. Edit: just realized this is online. If you intimidated by the money on the table in an online cash game, I say drop down 2 3 stakes so you playing a stake where you have at least 20 25 buy ins in your bankroll, especially if you a new player. Whether it worth it to you is pretty personal and dependant.

buy canada goose jacket Seriously. IBS is very affected by anxiety and depression. I didn even believe it until they put me on an anti anxiety drug for general anxiety, my IBS is so much more manageable (though I never vomited). Unless she’s a straight up psychopath, he’ll be able to get a good enough read off of her when he asks her about it to determine whether or not something is going on. Torching his marriage by having her followed and surveilling her in her own home is definitely not the answer.ohnoimreal 37 points submitted 4 days agoLove, you seem to be responding to all comments saying that you don’t want to take drastic measures since you’re not sure. Which is understandable. buy canada goose jacket

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