Blimpy Burger must move as University of Michigan buys building

After nearly 60 years of serving its iconic burgers to hungry customers, Krazy Jim Blimpy Burger restaurant Canada Goose Online plans to close on Ann Arbor South Division Street and search for a new location.

Owner Rich Magner said a deal between the canadian goose jacket University of Michigan and the property owner, Patricia Shafer, means he will have to close Blimpy Burger in summer 2013. He wants to find a new location cheap canada goose uk for the restaurant.

don know what the plans are, Magner said. basically, in a nutshell, we will be able to operate in this location into summer 2013 and we will be trying to put a deal together and look for a new location. worked at Blimpy Burger in 1969 when he was a student. know that I tried to be true to the Blimpy buy canada goose jacket traditions understand people will be upset that Blimpy will not be operating in this location, but we do hope to continue it in a different spot. said he hasn looked at possible locations yet to relocate. He hopes to remain downtown and near the University campus.

“I’d like to be near the University, and I’d like to canada goose outlet black friday be near the sports complexes, but you know, only half of my customers are students,” he said. Blimpy Burger has received national attention as one of the best burger joints in America via the Travel Channel, and it was also featured on Man V. Food.

According to city records, Shafer owns the property with Blimpy Burger and two adjacent houses. Together, the properties have an assessed value of $540,900, making the estimated market value about double that. Records indicate a sale of the property has not been finalized.

Magner would not reveal the details of the deal between Shafer and the University of Michigan, but only said it was an offer couldn refuse. was an opportunity for her and I really happy for her, he said. has been good to me. I can’t blame her in the least for taking the offer because it’s very generous.”

“There’s Canada Goose Jackets no way I could counter the offer,” he added.

U M spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald declined to comment regarding the deal. The University owns a large parking lot adjacent to Blimpy Burger’s building, and is currently building a $29 million addition to its Institute for Social Research building, just a block north of the site.

There are several residential structures surrounding the Blimpy Burger property, including houses at 401 and 409 East Madison Street, which are registered to former U M athletic director Bill Martin. Two houses north of Shafer’s properties are owned by David Copi and managed by Copi Properties. David’s son, Sam, declined to comment when asked if they have received interest canada goose outlet canada from U canada goose outlet jackets M in their properties.

“At this point, we have not entered into an agreement to sell to the University of Michigan,” he added. He said he’d rather the acquisition didn’t happen.

“It saddens me,” he said.

Rich, You are the keeper of a very rare thing an experience that connects generations of citizens of Ann Arbor and Students of the University of Michigan. can you bring the table s and chairs to you new location??) as possible. It the combination of the food, the size of the restaurnat and the been there feel that makes your restaurant so dearly loved.

Once again U of M and money rename this town. Not a dime in taxes They needed TIO they need all of our accustomed places for there greed when will it stop. Maybe next they want Zingermans or DeAngelos. My children hit it on the head canada goose jacket outlet we need to move all the signs and great places we grew up with are fading or gone. Its a new time and it all belongs Canada Goose Coats On Sale to U of M. Shame on this woman for not just turning over or offering Jim this building as she has for many years but your greedy canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet in usa son money money money how much money canada goose outlet new york city does one really need the building money is greed and U of M you are greed. My son who not only canada goose outlet parka worked for you and had 100% work ethic 4 years waiting list to get in to U of M shame on them the City of Ann Arbor gave to much power and another point these are historic buildings!!!Also change our name!!!RE determine U of M needs to start paving our roads and paying taxes not us little people

If the Uof M can incorporate the Carnegie Library facade into the new North Quad, then why can they include Krazy Jims in whatever they plan to build on Division. During construction they could spread their iconic message to a new construction clientele and after construction they would have an inside track on the academics. If necessary they could operate temporarily out of a Krazy Jims concession trailer that could later be used to take their Krazy show on the road. Everybody would win, especially the UofM, which would come out smelling like, um.. a Blimpy Burger!

Your work here is done UM Go Home!

Rev. John Monteith and Father Gabriel Richard were canada canada goose outlet goose clearance sale the first choosen to oversee the new University of Michigania In 1817 a cornerstone was laid near Bates Congress downtown Detroit to establish its existence. Today, there stands an open air parking lot and several properties for sale.

According to the gownies, all it takes to make townies successful is to build a campus and then keep on expanding.

I bet all of those true blue believers just can wait to build Detroit great future after the university regents take their Ann Arbor student body and move back home.

First off, let me say that I am sorry to here about the passing of I am from and I have known since he opened on Division St. No we weren close friends but we recoginzed each other when we passed on the street. I remember one of first short order cooks. I know and canada goose outlet nyc her canada goose outlet sale whole family., for canada goose outlet store those who are into trivia, also opened another place on street I believe, but it did not last long. My first trip back to after a 20 years absence in 03 place was one of my first stops. I am happy for his wife, That is quite canada goose outlet a deal the is offering her. At the same time, that place always brings back warm feeling when I think about it. It had a cozy ambiance to it. It would be great if it could stay around forever. Ricky 65

Look, I love Blimpy Burger as much as anyone, and I was devastated when I heard this news, but everyone needs to quit complaining about U M. No, they don pay taxes. Do any of you have any idea how much money the university generates for this city? Do any of you wonder why Ann Arbor fares canada goose black friday sale so much better than the rest of the state (the region, and maybe most of the country) during these tough economic times? Do any of you really think this town would be anything but pit stop between Detroit and Chicago if the university weren here? These businesses exist because there a massive university here. Jobs exist because there is a university here. Good schools and hospitals exist because there is a university here. Your homes, if you live in Ann Arbor, exist because the university is here. It great that you think of yourselves as but whether you think you came here for the university or not, the fact is that whatever brought you here wouldn be here if the university hadn been here first.