Do you not understand that people taking the rules of the road with a pinch of salt is the reason more deaths occur?If you need to, at the red light, stop your bike directly in front of the cars so that they can overtake you on a corner, turn around to the driver and signal what direction you taking. I do this on all junctions in the city at rush hour times.It so much more dangerous for you to go through a red light? Especially if you slow taking off in the first place? A car could come up before you crossed the junction and then what?Do you not understand that people taking the rules of the road with a pinch of salt is the reason more deaths occur?Yes: when people dangerously overtake cyclists on junctions, they are ignoring the law.That has happened to me more than zero times, and therefore I have to mitigate against it.The safest and most effective action I can take is to move forward when it is clear and obviously safe to do so, regardless of the colour of the light.Statistically, cycling is the most dangerous thing I do on a day to day basis, and unless I make it to old age I will probably die while cycling, and when I die, it be when I been adhering to the letter of the lawMotorists do all the time. I was outside the Btown bar the last day heading into town.

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